ALB-X User Guide – Software Version: 4.2.6 (Current Build 1826)

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GUI Status

This status light reflects whether the GUI is connected to the appliance. A Green status with a white tick is good whilst a red status light with a white cross means the browser is no longer connected to the ALB-X


Click this link to refresh the GUI, close all open tabs and refresh to the IP Services and Dashboard tab


Click this link to open up the online user guide

User drop down

The current logged on user is highlighted in blue. Click the drop down and it will turn green and display Log Off – click this to log off the current user and return to the forms based log on page below


App Store

Brand new to version 4.2.0 is the exciting edgeNEXUS App Store. You can access this from within your ALB-X or direct via Dedicated to the latest application networking solutions and services including SDN, ADC, Security, Containerisation, NFV, Big Data and IoT. It’s also a cool way to add new features to your existing ALB-X such as application templates, server health monitors, flightPATH and much more.

IP Services

The most used page on the jetNEXUS ALB-X. Create, delete, view and configure your IP Services. You can also specify the server health checking method, load balancing policy along with applying layer 7 flightPATH rules such as HTTP Redirect.



Docker container based Add-Ons to the ALB-X that can run in isolation to your load -balancer. Examples of this include third party application firewall or even another separate instance of ALB-X for multi-tenancy.

Application Firewall Add On
Global Server Load Balancer Add On


This section contains all the Apps you have purchased from the App Store where you can download and deploy or delete.


Here you can access the configuration settings for pre-authentication and single sign-on. Add Authentication servers, rules and forms to secure your application on the ALB-X


Create caching rules for multiple domains. Fine tune the cache settings to speed up web applications.


Create, edit or delete flightPATH rules. flightPATH is an extremely powerful yet simple to configure layer 7 routing engine for HTTP traffic.

Real Server Monitoring

Create, edit or delete application layer health checks or monitors to ensure the real servers are capable of serving content.

SSL Certificates

Create local certificates or Certificate Signing Request. Manage existing certificates, including the ability to add intermediates. Install and export certificates.


Widgets are small, configurable items such as traffic graphs or filtered event logs, that can be displayed on the customisable dashboard.



View custom graphs and reports from the Library of widgets, such as interface data, service traffic, CPU percentage, memory utilisation and event logs.


View historical graphing


View and manually download W3C log and System log.


View the overall statistics for the jetNEXUS ALB-X including compression, hits, connections and caching.


See load balancing in action per service in real time with current connections and data to each real server.



The Clustering page is the home of High Availability and synchronisation. Here you will find three main options “Cluster”, “Manual” and Stand-alone”

Date & Time

See the current date and time. Manually set the date and time or configure automatic UTC synchronisation to an NTP server.

Email Events

Setup email notifications and alerts.


This page allows you to enable the logging of data that can viewed as an historical graph from the Monitor History section


View or upload your licence.


Change W3C logging levels. Enable remote W3C log storage. Set syslog server settings. Clear log files from the GUI.


Set your default gateway, add static routes and view the routing table.


Power off / shutdown the jetNEXUS ALB-X appliance.


Change the admin password and enable SSH access or to the jetNEXUS ALB-X. Enable REST API access. Set the GUI secure port and certificate.


Configure SNMP agent to retrieve real time status and stats remotely.

Users / Audit Log

Create multiple users and assign a role for each user. In this section you can also see the actions of each user.



Upload a new software version or revert to a previous version.

Global Settings

View and Edit global settings that apply to the whole ALB-X.

Protocol – HTTP

Enable Server Too Busy and upload a custom server too busy page. Configure the HTTP compression setting to fine tune performance. Set the XFF header settings.


Upload a new software version or revert to a previous version.


Download support files, execute Ping, Trace connections or monitors or capture information to help you troubleshoot your applications.



This will direct you to User Central where the user guide and many other resources can be found

About Us

Software version information and contact details for edgeNEXUS Solutions Ltd.



Information on how to download, apply and create application templates or synchronise your configuration to another ALB-X.

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