Software Update FAQ

With an emphasis on both usability and high performance, the launch of our latest Load Balancer represents our most epic release to-date. Version 4.2.0 boasts a wealth of new application delivery features and advanced security functionality.
  • When is ALB-X v4.2.0 available?

    ALB-X v4.2.0 is the latest software version of the edgeNEXUS Load Balancer and is available for general release now.

  • How can I evaluate ALB-X v4.2.0?

    A free evaluation licence for v4.2.0 can be downloaded here:

  • I’m on an older version of software, is there a direct migration path to the new release?

    It depends on which version you are currently running.

    • ALB-X v4.1.x or above

    • If you are running ALB-X v4.1.x, it is possible to upgrade to v4.2.x from the update file on FTP or DropBox. We recommend the following steps:

    • arrowContact with details of your current software version

    • arrowSupport will send you the correct FTP or DropBox link to download v4.2.x

    • arrowNavigate to Advanced — Software page and upload software

    • PLEASE NOTE: Whilst this update file will provide the latest version of software, unless you build from scratch, you will miss out on platform updates.

    • Below ALB-X v4.1.x

    • Currently there is no direct upgrade path, therefore customers on a software version below v4.1.x will require a new Installation. We recommend the following steps:

    • arrowDownload a trial version from our site and set up a separate environment in parallel.

    • arrowUse the Video Tutorials and User Guides found on User Central to set up your ALB-X v4.2.x

    • arrowThe trial version is exactly the same as the full production version of the product from a feature and functionality perspective. To go into production you’ll need to apply your original, valid licence.

  • Will my existing licences still work?

    Yes. For virtual machines you need to ensure that the IP addresses of the appliances remain unchanged. Simply upload the original licence file onto the new appliance.

  • Will I lose all of my configuration settings and certificates during the upgrade?

    No. During the upgrade, your configuration settings will remain on the ALB-X.

  • What if I’m building from scratch?

    You can import your existing configuration settings onto your new appliance for ease-of-use and speed to deployment. SSL certificates must be imported separately.

  • What resources are available to me for version 4.2.0?

    edgeNEXUS has a wealth of materials available for the latest product release including:

  • Need Technical Assistance?

  • If you have a support issue and require technical assistance please email the support team with details.

  • Please email to log a ticket and request a call back.


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