System History

The System — History page
allows you enable historical data logging for such things as CPU, Used Memory, Requests per
and so on.
Once you have enabled this you can view the results in
graphical form via the 
View —
page. This page will also allow you to
backup or restore your history files to the local ALB-X.

Enable Historical logging

  1. Tick the box at the top of the page to enable historical logging.
  2. Choose the interval at which data will be logged. This value should be between 1s and 60s
  3. Click Update to save these settings
  4. Go to View-History
    to create the graphs from these data points


This section will be greyed out if you have enabled historical logging.
To allow the maintenance of the historical logs please untick the
Enabled Box and click Update.



  Give your
backup a descriptive name. Click Backup
to store all files to the jetNEXUS ALB-X



Select a backup file from
the drop down list. Click Delete
to remove the backup file from your ALB-X


Select a previously stored
backup file. Click Restore
to populate the data from this backup file


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