The Advanced–>Software
page allows you to update the configuration and the firmware
of your jetNEXUS ALB-X.

The page is organised into the section below.


ALB Software Upgrade Details

The information in this section will be populated if you have a working Internet connection. If your browser does not have a connection to the Internet this section will be blank.

Once you receive the banner message below

This section will be populated with the information similar to the screen shot below. Of particular interest is the support Type and Support Expiry date.

 Note: We use your browsers internet connection to view what is available from the Cloud. You will only be able to download software updates if the ALB-X itself has an internet connection.
To check this:
  • Advanced–Troubleshooting–Ping
  • IP Address –
  • Click Ping
  • Result – “ping: unknown host”
  • Your ALB-X will NOT be able to download anything from the cloud


Download from Cloud

If your browser is connected to the Internet you will be able to see details of software available in the cloud.

  • Highlight the row you are interested in and click “Download Selected Software to ALB”
  • This will download the selected software to your ALB where is can be applied in the “Apply Software Stored on ALB” section below.

 Note: If your ALB-X does not have internet access directly you will receive an error like below:
Download error, ALB not able to access edgeNEXUS Cloud Services for file

Upload software to ALB

This section will allow you to manually upload a software build from your computer.

Upload Apps and Software



  • If you have an App file which will end <apptype>.alb you can use this button to upload it.
  • There are five types of App
    • <appname>flightpath.alb
    • <appname>.monitor.alb
    • <appname>.jetpack.alb
    • <appname>.addons.alb
    • <appname>.featurepack.alb
  • Once uploaded each app will be found in the Library-Apps section
  • You must then deploy each App in this section.


  • If you wish to upload software without applying it then use this button.
  • The Software File is <softwarename>.software.alb.
  • It will then show in the “Software Stored on ALB” section where you can apply it at your convenience.


Apply Software stored on ALB

This section will show all Software files stored on the ALB itself.
This will include updated  Web Application Firewall signatures.

  • Highlight the Software row you are interested in.
  • Click “Apply Software from Selected”.
  • If this is a Software Update for the ALB then please be aware that it will upload and then reboot to apply.
  • If this is an OWASP signature update it will apply automatically without rebooting.


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