The Services–>Capture page allows you capture the information on an individual interface or all interfaces

The page is organised into the section below:


  • 1.Complete each box
  • 2.Click Generate
  • 3.Once the capture has run your browser will pop-up and ask you where to save the file. It will be in the format “jetNEXUS.cap.gz”
  • 4.Email this file to
  • 5.You can view the contents using wireshark

Choose your adapter from the drop-down, typically eth0 or eth1. You can also capture all interfaces with “any

This is the maximum amount of packets to capture. Typically 99999

Choose a maximum time that the capture will run for. A typical time is 15 seconds for high traffic sites. The GUI will be inaccessible during the capture period


To maintain performance we have limited the download file to 2MB. If you find that this is not enough to capture all the data you require we can increase this figure.

This will have an impact on performance of live sites. To increase the available capture size please apply a global setting jetPACK to increase the capture size.


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