Hi, Welcome to the edgeNEXUS Appstore. Here you will find a range of products that can be downloaded to your jetNEXUS ADP (Application Delivery Platform) to expand the capability of your technology.

We have 5 main product categories:

Applications                     – jetNEXUS is an ideal Docker containerisation Host. We simplify the deployment, networking and management of Docker applications.

jetPACKS                          – Pre configured application deployment templates to make it easy to configure Load balance/ ADC for a variety of applications

Widgets                            – Widgets are “mini” GUI apps that can be added to the dashboard to both configure and display information from jetNEXUS devices and third party apps and services.

flightPATH                       – FlightPATH is a powerful layer7 rule engine to give you ultimate flexibility in application delivery.

Expansion packs             – These allow you the expand the core capability of the platform adding module such as security or application performance optimisation



The jetNEXI (Yes that’s the plural for jetNEXUS – Apparently 😉 )

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