Application Delivery Platform Licence



What is the jetNEXUS Application Delivery Platform?

The Application Delivery Platform (ADP) allows you to run feature packs and add-ons such as SDN controllers, Security Apps and many others that can be downloaded directly from the edgeNEXUS App Store.

Please click here to download the software then use this licence to get your free ADP.

The ADP platform can be licence upgraded to either jetNEXUS ALB Lite or the full jetNEXUS Application Delivery Controller (ADC) product if required.

Please click here to visit the Smart File Forge where you can write your own Add-Ons based on Docker containers.

If you would like to upgrade your Free ADP to a full jetNEXUS ADC lite then please  click here

Free ADC restrictions

  • No load balancing layer4 or Layer 7
  • No SSL (FREE with Free ADP support contract)
  • No Application acceleration
  • No Flightpath (layer7 rules)
  • No Pre-authentication
  • No Application firewall
  • Restricted to 10 IP’s


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