Pre Authentication Module

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The jetNEXUS Authentication module allows you to pre-authenticate a user to an Authentication server prior to allowing them access to a service. (This is sometimes referred to as Pre-Authentication)

The jetNEXUS implementation of this aims to be as quick and simple to configure as possible without sacrificing functionality.

Users can be challenged either by a Basic 401 form or By a jetNEXUS HTML authentication page. You can even design and upload your own authentication page.

The logins successful or otherwise is logged to the w3c audit log for future review.

Users can be selectively challenged by using the powerful flightPATH rules. This means you can choose to challenge all users or be more specific and choose a certain IP range, country, URL or domain etc. The list is pretty long as such please see documentation on flightPATH.

jetNEXUS can also provide authentication to the backend servers using NTLM or Basic.

The Pre-authentication module can also be used to provide single sign on capability.

As a Microsoft GOLD partner its a good option if you are looking for a Microsoft TMG replacement.


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