OWASP Core Rule Set 3.3.4 Update for Edgenexus Application Firewall



The OWASP CRS is a set of web application firewall rules.

The OWASP CRS provides protections if the following attack/threat categories:

  • HTTP Protection – detecting violations of the HTTP protocol and a locally defined usage policy.
  • Real-time Blacklist Lookups – utilizes 3rd Party IP Reputation
  • HTTP Denial of Service Protections – defense against HTTP Flooding and Slow HTTP DoS Attacks.
  • Common Web Attacks Protection – detecting common web application security attack.
  • Automation Detection – Detecting bots, crawlers, scanners and other surface malicious activity.
  • Integration with AV Scanning for File Uploads – detects malicious files uploaded through the web application.
  • Tracking Sensitive Data – Tracks Credit Card usage and blocks leakages.
  • Trojan Protection – Detecting access to Trojans horses.
  • Identification of Application Defects – alerts on application misconfigurations.
  • Error Detection and Hiding – Disguising error messages sent by the server.

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