Microsoft Lync 2010 2013 – Reverse Proxy



What is a jetPACK?

jetPACKS are application specific templates which allow you to instantly configure your jetNEXUS ALB-X load balancer for critical applications.

What Does It Do?

This jetPACK will add two HTTP reverse proxy services:

  • Service 1: HTTP Port 80
  • Service 2: HTTPS Port 443

Service 1 has a flightPATH rule applied to redirect to HTTP traffic to HTTPS. The condition of this traffic manipulation rule can be easily modified to suite your specific environment.

Service 2 has a Lync specific Layer 7 Health Check to provide assurance your servers are working as they should. You can also adjust the timings of this health check to fine tune your application. This service will also Port address translate from 443 to 4443 on the Front End Pool.

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